Live, Real-Time, Social Media

Livelink is a platform to connect venues, events, sponsors, and you... all in one place, in real-time. That's why we call it LiveLink. Our app allows you to see who's out, connect with others, explore what's going on, and receive free rewards/prizes at local venues!

Check Back Soon, Launching Q2 2020

Explore What's Around

Your time is precious so use LiveLink to browse a list of venue locations around you

See Who's Out

Scroll through the people at a particular venue and see if you're feeling the vibe

Send Treats

We help you connect with interesting people by sending a treat and starting a conversation

Get Cool Stuff

Our treats range from discounted beverages to "it's on the house" free specials

LiveLink App Preview

Explore & Connect

LiveLink is launching in select cities throughout the US. Integrated seamlessly with the locations you visit most, our app delivers a personalized experience revolving around people and places. Find out where you want to go by browsing who's at what bar, or just enhance your experience by getting free rewards and prizes at the places you already frequent.

Coming Soon